EDI Systems

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Electrodeionization (EDI)

Electrodeionization (EDI) is a continuous membrane process in which a DC electric field is used to remove ions and polar species from an aqueous stream. EDI is used with reverse osmosis (RO) to replace ion exchange resin mixed beds (MBDI), which require onsite or offsite chemical regeneration. EDI uses no chemicals and generates no hazardous waste.

Apollo EDI systems are designed to feed with permeate from an RO system and produce 16-18 meg-ohm ultrapure water suitable for most electronics, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical applications. Apollo EDI systems offer a compact, modular, and reliable solution for production of ultrapure water. 

Design Assumptions

  • Feed water must be Reverse Osmosis permeate or equivalent with TDS < 50 ppm 
  • Feed water conditions (conductivity, flows and recovery) in accordance with EDI module manufacturer’s recommendations

Available Systems

 Standard Apollo EDI models are available for any high-purity application from 0.5-200 GPM.