HydroTech, Inc.

Servicing the waters of the world

Pre and Post Treatment

HydroTech's media filtration and softeners provide the right combination of value and features required for any membrane pretreatment application.  All our models are sized for HydroTech systems, or can be designed for a specific project.

Multimedia and Carbon filters are available in single tank configuration.  Water Softeners are available in single tank or twin alternating formats.  Our Pre and Post Treatments are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and industrial water treatment applications, including:

Organic Removal

Sediment Filtration

Water Softening


Iron Removal

Corrosion-Resistant Tubing and Piping

60Hz/100-230V, 1-phase Motor

Automatic Feed Water Shut-Off Valve


Standard Features:

Fiberglass or Composite Media Tank

Bronze or Plastic Control Valve (top mount)

PVC Control Valves (front-mount)

60Hz Timer Motor/Controls

Optional Features:


Pressure Gauges

Demand Metered Control (single tank systems)

50Hz Timer Motor/Controls


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