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Apollo EDI


Standard Apollo™ EDI models are available for any high-purity application from 15,000 to over 150,000 GPD.  Feed water must be R.O. water or the equivalent.

Apollo EDI systems are designed to produce 16-18 meg-ohm ultrapure permeate water suitable for most electronics, semi-conductor, and pharmaceutical applications.   Apollo EDI systems offer a compact, modular, and reliable solution for production of ultra pure water without the need for chemical regeneration.

Standard Features:

Adjustable DC Power Supply

Automatic Low Feed FLow Alarm

Sediment Prefilter

Prefilter Pressure Gauge

316 SS Pressure Gauges

PVC and Polypropylene Piping and Valves

Conductivity and Resistivity Meters

Sample Valves

Product and Feed Flowmetes

Leak-free Design

Optional Features:

pH, Temperature, TOC, Turbidity Instruments

Concentrate Stream Recycling

CO2 Removal Cartridge

Permeate, Concentrate, or Recycle Flowmeters

Cleaning Station

Sanitary Piping and Fittings

Special Color or Private Label


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