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HydroTech water treatment systems are custom designed to meet individual needs.  Our engineers design equipment for all types of industries, whether you are a large electronics manufacturer, a dialysis provider, a hotel, a bottled water factory, or living on a boat.  The applications are limitless!

We provide solutions, not prebuilt units.  Space and customer needs determine the size; what type of water is being treated determines the system.


Potabilization of sea, brackish,  tap, and/or well waters

Ultra Filtration

Nano Filtration

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)

EDI (Electro-deionization)

Ultra Pure

Double Pass

Pre-treatment, Post-treatment 

Cleaning Station

We DO NOT sell to end users, only established distributors.  If you would like to become our customer, please fill out the Becoming a Customer form on the Contact Us page.

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